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Compliments don't come as often as complaints do, so when I have a great experience with a business, I like to pass on my praise of good service. Today I called your office for the first time since my insurance account was passed to you from Wes Graham at Sky Valley. Wes was a wonderful man and will be sadly missed since his passing. However, I was so impressed with Christin and her wonderful and knowledgeable demeanor, I wanted to make sure I sent a note to say "Thank You" to her and to let her office know how pleased I am with my first experience with my new insurance agents. Thanks, Christin, and I look forward to speaking with you again when I purchase my first California vehicle in February or March.
Loraine K.
These people are the real deal. No nonsense! Kris is my agent. She always does a great job. Had my policy with another agency. Switched it to Russell and Kaufmann and never looked back. Plus what I like is when I call on the phone a real person answers. Not some machine.
Alex F. from Perris, CA
Russell Kaufmann insurance gives great service and they are very honest. I highly recommend checking them out for your insurance needs.
Brian F. from Hemet, CA
I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding with me when dealing with my Auto and Homeowner policies. With the death of my wife Merrie last year in December, I was at a loss when reading the 2 policy's auto and home, just what was I covered for? And yet on several visits to all of you in the front office, I went home with a good understanding now of my two policies. Now on a number of occasions I did ask a number of you in the front office for help, and each time everything was explained to me in a way I could understand. Here recently I was involved in an auto accident, something I had never been in 60+ years of driving. Once again I came to your office, and once again you did everything you could to help me by preparing a document I had received from the California DNV. That I did not understand. When you are 80+ years of age, most of those friends or family members you had always counted on have passed away, you wake up in the morning and you wonder, "is there anyone that cares?" Yes, and I found them in the Russell and Kaufmann office in Hemet, CA.
Robert J.
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